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Stainless steel animal fence factory

July 26, 2022

Stainless steel animal fence factory



Appropriate safety measures must be taken in any public place.


For example, high-rise shopping malls need to design railings to prevent falling; Protective fence required by children's playground, etc.


But when it comes to zoos, animal pens and cages must be suitable for animals in addition to safety.


In the case of high safety, space should also be provided for animals. And also consider the viewing experience of tourists. Therefore, professional animal pens should be installed and professional fence materials should be used.


Features of stainless steel rope mesh:


1. Stainless steel rope mesh is used for bridge protective net, which has high tensile resistance and breaking force, and can effectively protect personal safety.


2. Stainless steel rope mesh is used for bridges and stairs. The protective net has good flexibility, corrosion resistance and no rust, and is suitable for outdoor climatic environments;


3. Customize the mesh size, which can be used in various place shapes, and the installation is flexible and convenient;


4. It is high-grade and beautiful. It is a green and environmental protection net with excellent permeability and integration with the natural environment;


The stainless steel bridge protective net does not need maintenance, and its service life is more than 30 years.


Stainless steel animal fence factory


Generally speaking, zoos or wildlife parks, including bird parks, need to adopt high-level safety measures. One is to ensure that animals are protected from external hazards. Second, it can protect the safety of visitors and staff. The role of zoo fences is not only to give visitors the opportunity to see animals, but also to provide a safe way for keepers.


Jianping stainless steel rope net factory provides safe animal fence materials for zoos and various buildings. It has been specializing in the production of stainless steel rope and net safety fences for more than ten years and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.


Jianping stainless steel rope net factory supports customized materials for fences, such as mesh size, specification and model, material color, etc. We can recommend appropriate products and solutions according to customers' needs and specific site conditions.


The next time when choosing a fence, we must consider it thoroughly before we can get the appropriate animal fence materials.


Jianping stainless steel rope net factory