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304 316 Webnet Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Colored PVC Plastic Coated 1.2 Mm

304 316 Webnet Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Colored PVC Plastic Coated 1.2 Mm

  • High Light

    304 Stainless Steel Rope Mesh


    316 Stainless Steel Rope Mesh


    Webnet Stainless Steel Mesh

  • Product Name
    Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
  • Material
    Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Wire, 304, 316, AISI 304/316/304L/316L
  • Wire Diameter
    1.2 Mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 4.0mm
  • Size Of Hole
  • Panel Size
    Customized In Width And Length
  • Mesh Type
    Ferruled Or Knotted
  • Rope Constructions
    7 X 7,7 X 19
  • Mesh Angle
    60 Degree
  • Finished
    Ultrasonic Bath , Black Oxide
  • Mesh Shape
    Rhombus , Diamond
  • High Light
    Stainless Steel Rope Mesh, Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
  • Application
    Zoological Enclosures , Blustrade Infill , Facade Cladding
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE , SGS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    10 Sqm
  • Price
    USD 5-30/m2
  • Packaging Details
    Package film for each piece,Several pieces packed in 1 carton
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 Work Days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union,PayPal
  • Supply Ability

304 316 Webnet Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Colored PVC Plastic Coated 1.2 Mm

Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

 Stainless steel ferruled wire rope mesh railing fence :


1. Material is high quality stainless steel rope and stainless steel clips.

2. Material: high quality 304,30L,316,316L.

3. It uses in home decoration, garden, and construction line.

4. Use life more than 30 years.

5. Never rust, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, high break force, the overall structure strong with long life, wide looking, new style


Material of Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

SS304 (%) C:≤0.07, Si :≤1.0, Mn :≤2.0, Cr :17.0-19.0, Ni :8.0-11.0, S :≤0.03, P :≤0.035
SS316 (%) C:≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P≤:0.035, S:≤0.03, Ni:10.0-14.0, Cr:16.0-18.5
SS316L (%)C:≤0.03, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.030, Cr:16.0~18.0, Ni:12.0~15.0


Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Stainless steel rope net is a net-like product processed by stainless steel rope according to certain methods and procedures. The common ones are mainly stainless steel buckle rope net and stainless steel braided rope net. The stainless steel buckle rope net is extruded and woven by stainless steel wire rope and stainless steel buckle.The steel buckle is mainly made of stainless steel buckle, and there are also aluminum buckles and copper buckles for customers to choose from.The stainless steel rope mesh woven net is formed by cross-weaving with a plurality of steel wire ropes, and the net is durable and unbreakable, and the bearing capacity is large.

It is maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, requires no caustic cleaners or coatings, and is fully recyclable.Its unique 3-D characteristics allow amazing design flexibility.

X-TEND's ability to act as a 3-D structural element reduces the need for traditional building materials while permitting high load capacity and long spans. The result is a light, scalable, low-mass structure with greatly reduced material and installation costs.
Once installed, it requires no adjustment and retains its shape and resiliency indefinitely.It is particularly well suited for even the harshest climates.


Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Specification
Place of Origin China
Type Wire Cloth
Application Woven Wire Mesh
Weave Style Plain Weave
Technique woven
Model Number JP-H07
Brand Name JianPing
Delivery Time 8-14 days
Product name Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh
Length 30m/roll 50m/roll
Hole shape Diamond Hole
MOQ 100 Rolls
Raw Material 304 316 316L 430 Stainless Steel Wire
Mesh size 2CM-20CM
Diameter 1MM-6MM
Factory experience 12years
PAYMENT TERMS 30%TT Advance + 70% Balance payment


304 316 Webnet Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Colored PVC Plastic Coated 1.2 Mm 1

Pvc Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Wire Rope Mesh Specifications Sheet

Hole Size



(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 19 )

20 x 35mm JP-1235        
25 x 42mm JP-1225 JP-1625      
30 x 52mm JP-1230 JP-1630 JP-2030    
35 x 60mm JP-1235 JP-1635 JP-2035    
38 x 66mm JP-1238 JP-1638 JP-2038 JP-2438  
40 x 69mm JP-1240 JP-1640 JP-2040 JP-2440 JP-3040
50 x 86mm JP-1250 JP-1650 JP-2050 JP-2450 JP-3050
60 x 104mm JP-1260 JP-1660 JP-2060 JP-2460 JP-3060
70 x 120mm JP-1270 JP-1670 JP-2070 JP-2470 JP-3070
76 x 131mm JP-1276 JP-1676 JP-2076 JP-2476 JP-3076
80 x 138mm JP-1280 JP-1680 JP-2080 JP-2480 JP-3080
90 x 154mm JP-1290 JP-1690 JP-2090 JP-2490 JP-3090
100 x 173mm JP-12100 JP-16100 JP-20100 JP-24100 JP-30100
120 x 206mm JP-12120 JP-16120 JP-20120 JP-24120 JP-30120


The application of stainless steel rope mesh

  Item Cable diameter mesh opening Application  
  JP-SS200/2 2.0mm 200*200mm Architecture outdoor mesh  
  JP-SS40/02 2.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh,stadium protection mesh  
  JP-SS50/02 2.0mm 50*50mm Playground mesh,decorative indoor mesh  
  JP-SS60/02 2.0mm 60*60mm Architecture outdoor mesh,Playground mesh  
  JP-SS80/02 2.0mm 80*80mm decorative indoor mesh,Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS100/02 2.0mm 100*100mm airport protection mesh  
  JP-SS12002 2.0mm 120*120mm suspended ceiling mesh  
  JP-SS140/02 2.0mm 140*140mm overhead coverage mesh  
  JP-SS60/1.5 1.5mm 60*60mm Playground mesh,Stairs Fence  
  JP-SS50/1.5 1.5mm 50*50mm Stairs Fence  
  JP-SS30/1.5 1.5mm 30*30mm shading canopy mesh,Tower Protection Net  
  JP-SS25/1.5 1.5mm 25*25mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS20/01 1.0mm 20*20mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS30/01 1.0mm 30*30mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS40/01 1.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh,protection mesh  
  JP-SS50/2.5 2.5mm 50*50mm Animal enclosure  
  JP-SS100/03 3.0mm 100*100mm safety net,overhead coverage mesh  
  JP-SS40/03 3.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh  
  JP-SS50/03 3.0mm 50*50mm barrier mesh,decorative indoor mesh  
  JP-SS80/03 3.0mm 80*80mm Bridge safety net  
  JP-SS100/1.5 1.5mm 100*100mm

Architecture outdoor mesh,

Pool protective net,Stairs Net

  JP-SS40/1.5 1.5mm 40*40mm

Playground mesh,aviary mesh,

Stairs Fence,Architecture mesh,

Animal enclosure


304 316 Webnet Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Colored PVC Plastic Coated 1.2 Mm 2