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3.0mm 25x25mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Hot Dipped Galvanized

3.0mm 25x25mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Hot Dipped Galvanized

  • High Light

    3.0mm stainless steel rope mesh


    25x25mm stainless steel rope mesh


    hot dipped stainless steel cable mesh

  • Product Name
    Stainless Steel Rope Mesh,Stainless Steel Cable Mesh
  • Material
    Stainless Steel Wire, 304, 316, AISI 304/316/304L/316L
  • Rope Constructions
    7 X 7,7X 19
  • Wire Diameter
    1.2 Mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 4.0mm
  • Color
    Silver/Copper/Black/ Yellow/Blue/Green
  • Size Of Hole
  • Panel Size
    Customized In Width And Length
  • Mesh Type
    Ferruled Or Knotted
  • Finished
    Ultrasonic Bath , Black Oxide
  • Mesh Angle
    60 Degree
  • Mesh Shape
    Rhombus , Diamond
  • High Light
    Stainless Steel Rope Mesh, Deck Railing
  • Application
    Zoological Enclosures , Blustrade Infill , Facade Cladding
  • Delivery Time
    8-14 Days
  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Dipped Galvanized/silver/black Oxide Finish
  • Packing
    Waterproof Paper Or Wooden Crate
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE , SGS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    10 Sqm
  • Price
    USD 5-30/m2
  • Packaging Details
    Package film for each piece,Several pieces packed in 1 carton
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 Work Days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union,PayPal
  • Supply Ability

3.0mm 25x25mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Hot Dipped Galvanized

Flexible 304 316 stainless steel ferruled aviary wire rope leopard cable zoo mesh stainless steel rope mesh


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh,stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless steel rope net is a net-like product processed by stainless steel rope according to certain methods and procedures. The common ones are mainly stainless steel buckle rope net and stainless steel braided rope net. The stainless steel buckle rope net is extruded and woven by stainless steel wire rope and stainless steel buckle.The steel buckle is mainly made of stainless steel buckle, and there are also aluminum buckles and copper buckles for customers to choose from.The stainless steel rope mesh woven net is formed by cross-weaving with a plurality of steel wire ropes, and the net is durable and unbreakable, and the bearing capacity is large.

The stainless steel wire rope net is close to the nature, green and protects the birds feather and the animal skin, effectively prevents the rodents and other animals from biting, giving the animal a safe and comfortable living environment.

Flexible 304 316 stainless steel ferruled aviary wire rope leopard cable zoo mesh stainless steel rope mesh

Flexible 304 316 stainless steel ferruled aviary wire rope leopard cable zoo mesh stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Wire Rope Mesh
Material Stainless steel wire 304/316/316L
Wire diameter 0.6MM-6.0MM
Hole size Can be customized depend on your requirment
Wire structure 7*7,7*19
Feature 1. Easy to install, has good flexibility, adapt to complex terrain and installation angle.
2. Stainless steel cable net of all the parameters can be modified according to customer requirements.
3. Made of high-quality stainless steel wire, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, high tension, the extreme situation can also maintain stability.
4. The service life of up to several decades, maintenance costs are very low.
5. Stainless steel decorative cable network with diamond-shaped openings, simple and beautiful, easy to clean.
Usages Stainless steel wire rope mesh is widely used as the safety fence in the zoo,animal cage,
aviary mesh, bird cage, bird netting.Balustrade mesh,railing mesh,plant climbing wall,architectural mesh,falling prevention mesh,staircase protective mesh, The courtyard security fence.



Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Aplication


  Item Cable diameter mesh opening Application  
  JP-SS200/2 2.0mm 200*200mm Architecture outdoor mesh  
  JP-SS40/02 2.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh,stadium protection mesh  
  JP-SS50/02 2.0mm 50*50mm Playground mesh,decorative indoor mesh  
  JP-SS60/02 2.0mm 60*60mm Architecture outdoor mesh,Playground mesh  
  JP-SS80/02 2.0mm 80*80mm decorative indoor mesh,Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS100/02 2.0mm 100*100mm airport protection mesh  
  JP-SS12002 2.0mm 120*120mm suspended ceiling mesh  
  JP-SS140/02 2.0mm 140*140mm overhead coverage mesh  
  JP-SS60/1.5 1.5mm 60*60mm Playground mesh,Stairs Fence  
  JP-SS50/1.5 1.5mm 50*50mm Stairs Fence  
  JP-SS30/1.5 1.5mm 30*30mm shading canopy mesh,Tower Protection Net  
  JP-SS25/1.5 1.5mm 25*25mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS20/01 1.0mm 20*20mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS30/01 1.0mm 30*30mm Aviary mesh  
  JP-SS40/01 1.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh,protection mesh  
  JP-SS50/2.5 2.5mm 50*50mm Animal enclosure  
  JP-SS100/03 3.0mm 100*100mm safety net,overhead coverage mesh  
  JP-SS40/03 3.0mm 40*40mm Playground mesh  
  JP-SS50/03 3.0mm 50*50mm barrier mesh,decorative indoor mesh  
  JP-SS80/03 3.0mm 80*80mm Bridge safety net  
  JP-SS100/1.5 1.5mm 100*100mm

Architecture outdoor mesh,

Pool protective net,Stairs Net

  JP-SS40/1.5 1.5mm 40*40mm

Playground mesh,aviary mesh,

Stairs Fence,Architecture mesh,

Animal enclosure


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

The application of stainless steel cable mesh
1. Steel Mesh Balustrade - bridge, stair, balcony, path
2. Cable Mesh - Excellent Solution to Safety
3. Safety Net - Structural Measure to Prevent Suicide
4. Helipad Safety Net - Modular Heliport Webbing
5. Cable Zoo Mesh - Solution to Enclosing Most Animals
6. Aviary Netting - Lightweight, Durable and Long Lasting
7. Green Facade - Cable System for Most Climbing Plants

Flexible Silver and Black Stainless Steel Wire Rope Ferrule Mesh for Building Project Stainless Steel Rope Mesh


Packing & Delivery

3.0mm 25x25mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Hot Dipped Galvanized 3

1. The set of paper tube.
2. Outside waterproof paper (kraft paper) + bubble pad.
3. Finally in a wooden case or pallet.
4. Also we can as per your requirements.



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7. We provide the sample free of charge, but we are so sorry that the courier charge is on your side.